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World Mission Institute 2021

This year's World Mission Conference focuses on migration, mission, and spirituality, and the strong connection among all three. The great tragedy of today's migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers must be at the center of the mission of the church, and engaging in such a mission requires a deep spirituality of mercy, tenderness, compassion, hospitality, and prophetic courage. Peter Phan's Keynote Address this evening grounds such a spirituality in the very being and mission of God. To be God, he suggests, is to be a migrant, to be on a journey in search of and in solidarity with all of humanity and the entire created world. To be committed to mission is to be in solidarity with this migrant God, to be signs of God's healing presence, to be witnesses to God's suffering in the world, to be challenges to the powers who force migration, who reject migrants, who abuse their humanity. Mission and spirituality come together as Christians recognize the presence of God in the poorest of the poor today. Originally steamed March 12, 2021. The World Mission Institute is sponsored by A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice, Catholic Theological Union, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary.